Maintaining Your Tires Will Lead To Dramatically Safer Driving

When driving, your tire tread is the only part of your vehicle that actually makes contact itself with the road that you are traveling along. That is why it should be obvious that your tires and tire tread are some of the most important aspects regarding the safety of your vehicle, and one that you always need to keep a close eye on and periodically maintain.

The importance of your tire tread is amplified in the winter months when the roads are wet and slick. Without the right amount of tread on your tires, the water cannot be displaced correctly as you drive over it and you will feel your vehicle slipping, even possibly hydroplaning at times. Well we never want this to happen to our customers here at Northtowne Hyundai, and we hope that you do what you can to avoid dangerously low tire tread.

Regular tire rotations and maintaining the proper PSI levels in your tires will not only add to their longevity, but will also keep you on a safer set of wheels.

So if you haven't done so in a while, bring your vehicle into our service center here at Northtowne Hyundai and let us do a tire rotation and inspection for you today.

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