Where Does The Term "Horsepower" Originate? Northtowne Hyundai has Answers

Horsepower is a term that is used quite heavily in the automobile industry as well as a wide range of other industries that manufacture engines. We have all come to know that the term horsepower is a way to express how much power a given engine is capable of producing, but surprisingly very few of us know what that word really means or where the word itself actually came from.

To answer this we need to look back into the late 18th century, at a Scottish inventor, mechanical engineer and chemist, named James Watt. Watt had a coal mine, and during the massive steam-engine revolution, he wanted to devise a way to express to the public just how much power his engines were capable of.

While observing ponies pulling carts of coal, he devised a way to compare the power of an engine to a format that many would understand. One horsepower is the level of energy produced by one pony pulling 330lbs for 100 ft in one minute. Yes, horsepower literally comes from the power of a horse.

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