The Difference Between Rear-Wheel and Front-Wheel Drive Vehicles

Rear-wheel drive technology used to be the only kind available for drivers. Now you have a choice between rear-wheel and front-wheel drive vehicles. Front-wheel drive has become more common. The technology is often viewed as safer, and it is cheaper to make front-wheel drive vehicles.

For those looking for an efficient car that handles well around turns, a front-wheel drive vehicle is a good choice. With the power and steering all handled by the front tires, it becomes possible to speed up around corners. In addition, front-wheel drive cars can be made smaller. The machinery necessary for front-wheel drive is smaller, creating more room for either a smaller design or more passenger room.

If you are considering a new vehicle and want to learn more about the difference between front and rear-wheel drive, talk with one of our sales team. At Northtowne Hyundai, we are ready to answer all of your automotive questions.
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