Can Your Car Battery Weather the Weather?

After a certain length of time, the age of a battery wears it down. Age isn't the only factor that hampers a battery's performance. Extreme temperatures can deliver an undesirable effect on the part's ability to perform effectively.

Extremely cold weather, in particular, can kill a battery. A jumpstart could get the battery going again, but the cold weather might lead to another dead battery the next time you turn the key in the ignition. When temperatures drop very low, the capacity in the battery decreases. Additionally, more power ends up being drawn from the battery to start the car and power accessories. All that leads to a dead battery.

Hot temperatures also cause problems for car batteries. Once the temperature swings upwards during the "dog days of summer," the battery's capacity increases. This isn't necessarily a good thing since the life of the battery decreases as a result.

Living in Kansas City, you probably don't want any problems with your battery during a morning commute. We here at Northtowne Hyundai absolutely can help you with your car's battery needs.

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