Is Synthetic Oil Right for Your Car?

In a world of unlimited choices, you work hard hoping you make the right choice of house, vehicle, or job. You shouldn't have to work hard choosing which oil is best for your vehicle. Let the expert service technicians at Northtowne Hyundai in Kansas City, MO help with your oil change needs.

Synthetic oil is a product of relatively new science. It doesn't use natural oil as the base, unlike conventional oils. Synthetics are a science-based mixture of chemicals designed to create an oil that performs at the highest level. If you live in a climate with extreme temperatures, synthetic may be right for you. It is formulated to flow smooth in extreme cold temperatures. In extreme heat, synthetic oil is designed to withstand breakdown and 'burn-off' that many conventional oils may experience.

The manufacturer may make the decision easy for you, so be sure to check your manual. Uncertain whether synthetic oil is right for your car? Stop by our Hyundai dealership and ask. Our service department is always ready to help.

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